School Uniform

Students should attend the school in neat, ironed and proper sized school uniform. The stiching should be got as per given pattern.


Boys :    Half Sleeves Sky Blue Shirt with School logo on the pocket

Royal Blue Half Pant (LKG to V), Royal Blue Trouses (VI onwards)

Girsl :     Sky Blue Shirt, Royal Blue Tunic (LKG ti VII) with logo.

Sky Blue Kurta with Collar & Lap on Shoulders (IX onwards)

White Salwar, Maroon Platted Duppatta

Shoes : Black

Socks :  White

Tie & Belt :          Maroon


Boys/Girls :

LKG to IV Grey Worsted Trousers & Maroon “V” Neck Sweater

Grey Worsted Socks

Rest uniform as per prescribed for summer.

Boys (V onwards)

Grey worsted Trousers, Grey worsted Socks, Maroon Blazer with School logo.

Girls (V onwards)

Grey Leggings, Grey worsted socks, Maroon Blazer with school Logo.

“Woolen Scarf (Colour Maroon) for all classes if students require.”

No School Uniform for class Play Group & Nursery.

Note : All Students will have to wear house wise white uniform prescribed by the school on every Wednesday and Saturday with white PT shoes.
Shri Hari Ram Saboo Public School Jaipur