The SPS library is well stacked. It subscribes to the best of national magazines and journals, providing rich and varied resources. We talk a lot about motivating children to read and to become aware of the wonderful world of books. It would be worthwhile to translate this intention into action to read, to look at different kinds of books, and to just be around lots of books.

The general aim of Library services for children is to ensure that children enjoy adequate access to books. The School has a library cum reading room.

The Library Books are meant for reading as well as for reference.

Every students of the school is expected to make it a matter of personal pride that the book of the library he/she uses are treated with almost care.

Only one book can be taken at a time.

A borrower who fails to return a book on the expiry of the period will be fined.

The Borrower who fails to return a book will pay the price of the book.

Shri Hari Ram Saboo Public School Jaipur