AV Aids Lab

The Audio Visual Aids lab, a feather added to the cap of SPS, is an innovative teaching aid introduced for the students of SPS. The facilities in the lab are:

  • Computer System, T.V.
  • DVD Players
  • Amplifier & Sound System
  • Seating capacity – 50.
  • Large collection of Educational VCD’s.

The Audio Visual Aids Lab is widely used to link academic teaching with real life aspects. The educational CDs broaden the horizons and enhance students interest on numerous topics of science, technology & environment like space exploration, working of an aero plane or a submarine, the eco-system, the animal world etc. CDs related to particular academic subjects as Science, Maths, English etc help in detailed study of the chapters, improve the retentively of the subject matter and also give a lot of exercises to students. Entertaining CDs like that of fairy tales and Charlie Chaplin etc., help to develop observation and listening their moral values

Shri Hari Ram Saboo Public School Jaipur